Seller-Doer Symposium

Building Your Bottom Line through Business Development
July 30, 2019, Washington, DC (Completed)

As the prevalence of using seller-doers to win more business grows, is your firm prepared to do it successfully? According to SMPS and SMPS Foundation research:

  • During the next 10 years, over 50 percent of A/E/C firms are expected to increase their use of seller-doers
  • Almost 40 percent of the firms who participated in the research also say they’ve already increased their use of seller-doers during the past 10 years

Building Your Bottom Line Through Business Development, a symposium for technical and nontechnical staff that provides the framework for implementing best practices in business development. During our 2019 symposium, attendees discovered how to:

  • Establish a successful seller-doer program that permeates firm culture
  • Use leadership to establish goals with clear accountability
  • Get the most out of technical, business development, and marketing staff to drive success

Experienced industry executives who have evolved an effective business development program shared their expertise and experiences and allowed plenty of time for dialogue and attendee interaction.

Participation in this symposium provided attendees:

  • An in-depth exploration of the seller-doer model of business development and how it relates to firm growth
  • Best practices on establishing a successful seller-doer program and culture
  • Opportunities to collect peer-to-peer advice through open format discussions
  • Developmental plans and metrics for a seller-doer program
  • 7 CPSM CEUs and AIA LUs

Symposium Outline

Opening Remarks and Keynote
Andrea Ryon, PE, PMP, Vice President | Mid-Atlantic Manager, HDR

Building a Seller-Doer Culture
Vanessa Zambo, CPSM, Senior Vice President | Director of Marketing and Communications, Terracon

It’s critical to understand why employee’s experiences are vital to an organization’s success. During this session, participants will recognize how culture is connected to business development and firm growth.

Driving Seller-Doer Accountability
Greg Brenner, Managing Principal | Managing Director of National Client Services, WB Engineers
Ashley Schmidt, Vice President | Director of Business Development, HKS

During this session, participants will explore motivational strategies for setting realistic expectations and overcoming obstacles. Our presenter will show us how to turn accountability into positive experiences so that employees of all levels and responsibilities will contribute to bringing in business.

Keynote Lunch: Business Transformed Through Seller-Doer Leadership |Kleinschmidt: A Case Study in How To Escape the BD Rat Race
Russ Sanford, FSMPS, CPSM, Chief Marketing Officer, Kleinschmidt Associates

Participants will have an opportunity to hear an informative case study from a marketing leader. This presentation will address the practical application of capture planning, seller-doer implementation strategies, and elements of a successful seller-doer program. Through the case study, our presenter will identify key leadership components and strategies to drive program success—and influence senior management.

Steps To Formalizing the Seller-Doer Process in Your Firm
Wally Hise, PE, Senior Vice President, HDR

It’s time to put the ideas and discussions to work by creating a plan to develop or refine the seller-doer program for your firm. During this session, participants will learn a process to identify attributes of great seller-doers and evaluate the activities of your sales process and understand where seller-doers fit. We’ll discuss ways to drive accountability for non-billable time and determine actions to take that will help make the process successful. A structured worksheet will be used to create a draft plan to put into action when you return to the office.

Stories From the Front: Peer-to-Peer Seller-Doer Conversations
During this session, participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other by sharing seller-doer challenges and talking through solutions within a small group. Through facilitated roundtables, we’ll collect peer-to-peer experience, practical advice, and discuss actionable solutions through open-format discussions.

Planning Advisors

Andrew J. Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM


Andrew J. Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM

Director of Business Development

Whitestone Associates

Mike Wagner

Mike Wagner

Marketing Director

Alliance Transportation Group, Inc.

Paula Ryan, FSMPS, CPSM

Paula Ryan, FSMPS, CPSM

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Jezerinac Geers & Associates

Terry Hawley, CPSM

Terry Hawley, CPSM

Client Development Manager


Wally Hise, PE

Wally Hise, PE

Senior Vice President


2019 Seller-Doer Symposium Outline

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